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USB-C connected accessories

In this category you will find cables and adapters that allows to use USB devices with the new USB-C standard. If you have accessories that use USB connectivity but have purchased a new Macbook or other computer with USB-C, we have some good solutions in this category. With USB-C adapters, cables and other accessories, you can avoid replacing your existing USB accessories.

USB-C connection is a fast-paced connectivity that is now everywhere. With USB-C connected accessories, you can transfer up to 10 GBit / sec, which is far more than USB 2. In addition to a fast transmission, USB-C can be used for many things. As example, USB-C can be used as a connection to a monitor, such as high-speed network connection, printer connection or charging.

Several laptops and computers comes with USB-C and some only have USB-C, as example, new Macbooks. USB-C can replace what is usually found on connections on a computer. Flexible and ready for high speeds.

The USB-C plug itself is different from other USB connectors. Unlike other USB connectors, the USB-C connector can be reversed, but you can not use USB-C devices in other types of USB ports. It's a different plug.

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