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Varta torch,LED High Optics Light

Varta torch,LED High Optics Light, 3x AAA professional torch with 3 W that can be dimmed and focused, variable focus and dimming,range up to 141 meters. Cree XP-C high-performance LED,water-resistant aluminium housing (IPX4, type III anodisation). Varta professional line with 3 year guarantee.

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Varta reflector with LED light

Varta reflector with LED light - be seen in the dark. Smart good quality reflector, with red LED light and velcro closure. Elastic band that can be used around the arm or leg, easy fit any size. Constant red light or flashing red light. Low Weight.

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Varta LED Pen Light lommelygte

Varta LED Pen Light Flashlight is a smart little LED flashlight. Compact, sturdy and has a long burning time. Perfect for the installer and the technician.

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LED Indestructible, professional LED torch

LED Indestructible, LED torch light. Robust 3x AAA professional torch 1 W  for use outdoors or at work – tested in a 9 m drop test. Made from high-quality, specially hardened aircraft aluminium for maximum durability. 3 Years guarantee.

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LED Handbag Light VARTA

Practical small and elegant flashlight for handbags.

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Flashlight Varta LED DAY LIGHT

Robust and shockproof LED flashlight. The torch is made of aluminum, ABS and rubber. The torch delivers a light beam of 40m. (0.25 lux) and has a long service life. Very energy efficient, up to 70 hours before battery change becomes necessary.

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