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USB power socket w. power converter 12-24V...

USB chargerbox for charging and operating smartphones, navigation devices, tablets and other USB connected devices that require high charge power. Converts the car's 12 volts to 5 volts so USB devices can be connected. Protected against overload, error polarity and high temperature. Mounted very easily with supplied screws.

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USB Charger Connector car,boat or caravan...

USB Charger Connector car,boat or caravan 5V 1A for direct connection or pre-assembled cable connection.USB Charger Connector 5 Volt with Protective Cover Input voltage 12 V battery power / output voltage USB 5 V DC 1000 mA. For charging and operating navigation, mobile phones, smart phones and other devices that are suitable for charging by 5 Volt USB....

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Extensioncable lightersockets 4M. 12-24V /...

Extensioncable for lightersocket. Made from durable ABS plastic. 12-24 volt, 8A. max. Fits standard and lighter sockets in car, mobile homes, trucks and boats. For extending cables on e.g. lights and auxillary devices. Cable 2x 0.75 mm2. Integrated fuse 8 Ampere.

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DIN socket 16A with mounting plate.

DIN socket 16A with mounting plate. Complies with standard lighter plug DIN EN ISO 4165. For installation in car, boat and caravan.

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Adapter cable 12V. - USB outlet from the...

Universal adapter cable 12 Volt. Get a USB outlet in your car, boat or caravan. If you are missing a USB outlet, you can use this adapter cable via the lighter plug. With 1.8 meters, even rear seat passengers can also charge USB devices.

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