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Infomir – is a company with years of experience in manufacturing devices for interactive television services. The Company’s key feature is a full product cycle: product design, industrial design, software development, manufacturing, integration assistance and worldwide service support.

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MAG 425A Android TV 8.0 4K HEVC 5G WIFI Bluetooth Voice-Controlled Chromecast IPTV Player. Watch TV, movies and TV shows in 4K HDR quality. Enjoy the benefits of Android TV, voice-controlled remote control, and access to Google services. 4K HDR, Chromecast built-in, 8 GB eMMC RAM, 15000 DMIPS. For those who are for Android TV, IPTV and require power.

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Mag254w1 is the queen of IPTV receivers. The design is simple, the technology convincing. The HDMI port shows your favorite programs with the best picture and sound quality (1080p). IPTV Box is ideal for Video on Demand (VOD) and LIVE TV Services. Mag254 is 100% backward compatible with Mag250.

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