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Women's Toolkit, 23 parts

Women's Toolkit, 23 parts. Small toolkit for women. The tool kit contains 23 parts, among other things, measuring tape, flashlight, screwdrivers and more. The kit comes in a practical small storage bag.

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Urmager skruetrækkersæt - 11 dele

Watchmaker screwdriver set with 11 parts. Contains the very small screwdrivers needed for fine mechanical work such as electronics, model hobby, watches and repair af glasses. Contains straight groove, Philips PH cross, tip and magnet.

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Telescopic magnet 135-600 mm., Ø13 mm....

Powerful telescope magnet, length 135-600 mm. The telescopic magnet lifts up to a maximum of 2.5 Kg. Magnet Ø13 mm.

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Screwdrivers, set of 18 parts and holder

Screwdriver set with 18 screwdriver with magnetic tip and holder. The holder can be wall-mounted (screws and rawlplugs included). The screwdriver set contains the most commonly used sizes, including Torx and PH profile. Plastic handle with soft rubber insert. Blade made of high quality CrV (chrome-vanadium) steel.

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LADY Pink, Gloves with dots, 7"

LADY Pink Polyester gloves with PVC dots on palm, size 7"

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Bit sæt Premium CrV 32 pcs.

Bit Set - Premium set with 32 parts. CrV Chrome Vanadium Bit Set. Suitable for fine mechanical work such as model hobby and electronics. Contains 30 bits, tweezers and magnetic bit holder.

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