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 Dreambox DM900 Telnet and Bootlog

Dreambox DM900 Telnet and Bootlog

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If you need to see a log file from your Dreambox DM900, follow the procedure below. A log file can be useful for debugging and may, for example, reveal what's wrong if a Dreambox does not boot properly.

You must use the following to extract a log from your Dreambox DM900:

  • PC or laptop
  • Standard mini-USB cable
  • A Telnet klient like PuTTy or Tera Term
  • A VCP driver (Virtual Com Port) from Dream or Silabs

How to prepare:

1. Put your Dreambox DM900 in deep standby mode
2. Turn off the Dreambox on the power switch
3. Install the mini-USB cable into the service port on the back of the Dreambox and on your PC
4. Install the VCP driver.
5. Look in the control panel / device management on your PC. A new virtual COM port should now be installed (look for ports / USB to UART bridge). Do note the COM port number.

And now for the Telnet part:

1. Start PuTTY and set parameters for COM port in menu "Connection" -> "Serial"

Prepairing PuTTy to connect to Dreambox DM900 in a Telnet session

Speed (baud): 115200
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Parity: NONE

2. Set logging parameters in menu "Session" and in menu "Session->Logging"

Setting parameters for communication with the Dreambox DM900

Set logging to "All session output"

3. Click "Open" in the PuTTy client.

5. Turn on your Dreambox on the power switch

6. You now get the log from your dreambox DM900

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