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Isolated DIN - ISO Adapter car antenna

Isolated DIN - ISO Adapter car antenna. Isolated adapter that converts old DIN standard to new ISO standard. Used when installing newer car radios where radio has ISO connection but the antenna has DIN connector.

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Adapter: F jack - coax plug 90° antenna

Adapter: F jack - coax plug 90° antenna. Angle adapter for connecting antennasignals. Converts F type to standard Coax type. Perfect for tight space where bending antennacable is not an option. Suitable for all standard cable TV and antenna TV signals.

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Sandberg USB to Serial Link (9-pin)

The Sandberg USB to Serial Link can save you a fortune by enabling you to reuse existing equipment with serial connectors on new computers that often only have USB ports. You will also save time, because the Sandberg USB to Serial Link is easy to install, with no need to open up the computer as with an expansion card. Compatible with most mobile...

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Sandberg USB-C 3.1 USB-A 3.0 2M

Charge your USB-C device from a USB-A source. Supports power and data signal.

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Sandberg HDMI to VGA Converter

If you have HDMI in a device you would like to connect to your monitor via the VGA input, then this adapter is the solution for you!

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Adapter Coaxial female - MCX male

Antenna adapter cable: Coaxial female - MCX male for the connection of an antenna cable (coaxial plug) to MCX antenna input e.g. a DVB-T USB stick

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Adapter cable SMA - reverse SMA

Adaptor cable for WLAN router SMA female > SMA male. Adaptercable to connect an antenna with SMA connector to a WLAN Router with SMA Reverse connector.

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DAB, DAB + and FM radio adapter - upgrade...

DAB, DAB + and FM radio adapter - upgrade your stereo system. Clint H4 is a simple and smart DAB / DAB + / FM radio adapter that easily upgrades your existing Hi-Fi system so you can enjoy your favorite radio channelswithout replacing the entire stereo system. Listen to DAB, DAB + and FM via this DAB+ radio adapter - on your current system.

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DAB+ adapter til bilen - CAD15

CAD15 is a DAB + radio adapter that makes it possible to listen to DAB and DAB+ radio on your regular FM car radio. The DAB + radio adaptor provides you with all available DAB and DAB+ radio channels. The DAB and DAB + signals are forwarded from the DAB adapter to your FM car radio. Supports Bluetooth - you can speak handsfree on mobile.

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MiniJack 3.5 mm 2x RCA adapter cable Pro...

Connection cable for use eg. between Hi-Fi systems and DAB+ tuners or Hi-Fi systems and PC. MiniJack connector 3.5 mm. 3-pin stereo version to Phono audio right + left. High quality with copper conductor and good insulation.

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PTEC Castor HiFi tunerunit...

Do you already own a great stereo HiFi system, a good amplifier and the perfect speakers but lack digital radio? With PTEC Castor you are quickly ready for digital radio reception with your existing HiFi system. PTEC Castor is DAB + / DAB radio, FM Radio, Internet radio and audio streaming in one device. Easily connects your existing HiFi system.

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Scart to HDMI Converter (Scaler 720p)

Scart to HDMI Converter (Scaler) converts an analogue scart signal to digital 720p HDMI signal. Easily transform analog signal to display on devices with HDMI input.

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