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Easylight C30 outdoor flashlight

Outdoor flashlight for the highest demands: The tecxus easylight C30 is equipped with a retractable diffusor and 4x focus, making it an adventurous and high-performance companion for your travels. The high-power LED chip guarantees a constant 20 lumens of brightness and a running time of up to 40 hours.

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Xpertlight XPG 230

Sturdy quality and perfectly handy: the tecxus Xpertlight XPG 230 is the perfect companion for any kind of work. It provides a convincing 208 lumens of brightness and 5 hours of illumination. Its absolutely watertight housing stands up even to the heaviest rains, and its luminous range of up to 256 meters makes it the champion among Tecxus flashlights.

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Sharxx mini flashlight

The tecxus sharxx mini flashlight is made for all activities on or near the water. Its absolutely waterproof and fully buoyant housing means you can retrieve it from the water if it happens to fall overboard. With a light output of 93 lumens, the tecxus sharxx mini flashlight provides illumination for 9.5 hours, and it also offers a convincing luminous...

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LED Handbag Light VARTA

Practical small and elegant flashlight for handbags.

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LED Flashlight in Pencil format, Zoom 120.

The Zoom 120 is a smart LED flashlight in pencil format. With a length like a pen, the Zoom 120 LED does not fill much, but emits a good bright light. The LED light can be set to 3 modes 100% / 50% / Stroboscope. The Zoom 120 can also adjust the light cone infinitely with a built-in sliding mechanism. Zoom 120 is powered by 2 pcs. AA batteries. These are...

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LED lens light with 125 mm lens, diopter 3

LED lens light with 125 mm lens, diopter 3. Magnifying Work Light Round Lens-90 LED easy line. High quality magnifying lights, offering superb brightness and strong magnifier. Real crystal glass lamp, tilts and swivels. Energyclass A+.

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LED Indestructible, professional LED torch

LED Indestructible, LED torch light. Robust 3x AAA professional torch 1 W  for use outdoors or at work – tested in a 9 m drop test. Made from high-quality, specially hardened aircraft aluminium for maximum durability. 3 Years guarantee.

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Varta torch,LED High Optics Light

Varta torch,LED High Optics Light, 3x AAA professional torch with 3 W that can be dimmed and focused, variable focus and dimming,range up to 141 meters. Cree XP-C high-performance LED,water-resistant aluminium housing (IPX4, type III anodisation). Varta professional line with 3 year guarantee.

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Sandberg Touch RGB Mousepad Aluminium

The large surface of this mousepad for gamers provides a premium in-game precision. The mousepad will stay in place during action, thanks to the anti-slip material on the bottom side of the pad. Made of black coated aluminum. Color changing LED lights all the way around the mousepad. The lights can be controlled by a single touch on the mousepad itself.

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Cleaning set for Television, smartphones

Set containing two bottles of cleaning fluid 2 x 30ml and a microfiber cloth. To make a perfect cleaning of your LCD, LED, Plasma, Smartphones and Tablets. Spray the cleaning liquid on the cloth, clean the screen. Use a dry cloth for a final clean. Avoid inhaling the product and keep away from the eyes.

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USB Desktop Fan with LED Clock display

Smart fan with LED clock display on spinning LED blades. USB Desktop Fan with Clock,desktop fan with real time LED clock display. The clock keeps time when turn off. PVC soft fan blades for safety, flexible neck.On/off switch on stand. USB powered, plug and play - Stay cool...

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Varta reflector with LED light

Varta reflector with LED light - be seen in the dark. Smart good quality reflector, with red LED light and velcro closure. Elastic band that can be used around the arm or leg, easy fit any size. Constant red light or flashing red light. Low Weight.

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