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Qi - wireless charging

Qi is the new standard for charging, for example, mobile phones - without cable. Charging of Smartphones and other devices is done with Qi technology by means of magnetic induction. Very briefly explained, charging is done by means of a current in a transmitter coil which makes a magnetic field, a receiver coil in which the magnetic field induces a voltage and a control sends message back to the transmitter coil of the charger. For you, it means that you can simply place your Smartphone on a Qi device and charging begins immediately - without cables. Qi is pronounced "Tji"

When you have Qi wireless charging at home, in your car, at work or on the go, you can rest assured that you never have to worry about a flat battery. The trouble of wearing wires and trying to find a power outlet, wherever you go, is past.

Qi is already installed on thousands of public places all over the world so people can have wireless charging wherever they go. In hotels, airports, travel awards, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses, stadiums and other public places. To date, more than 90 smartphones from leading manufacturers are equipped with Qi. Qi included in more than 80 car models and supported by hundreds of member companies - and more come every day.
Qi Wireless Chargers are implemented everywhere in companies. In waiting room and meeting rooms we already meet Qi and soon Qi will be found everywhere.

Qi - wireless charging

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