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IPTV Receivers

In this section you will find IPTV boxes. Unlike traditional DVB receivers, IPTV boxes do not have a tuner built-in and the signal is delivered exclusively through your internet connection. No satellite dish, antenna or cable TV, only an internet connection. IPTV is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol Television. In principle, you've probably already used IPTV on your computer

Of course, IPTV demands a good internet connection, but not the same requirements as before. With the advent of HEVC / H.265 compression, large amounts of data can be seamlessly transmitted, ie without outcome, high resolution and delay free. Even 4K / UHD signals can be streamed completely without problems but it does require a quality IPTV box. If you are going to start with IPTV, we recommend that you focus on powerful hardware. Roughly speaking, IPTV boxes come with a choice between Android TV and Linux as the operating system. What you have to choose is a personal choice but in some cases also depending on the service you need to use. Some services can only be set up with Linux boxes, some only have apps for Android and others can do it all. Therefore, before purchasing an IPTV box, it is important that you check what service you want to use. Many IPTV boxes will also be able to stream from USB drives, NAS, PCs and servers on your local network.

IPTV - Digital receivers for IPTV

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