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F-connectors are the most suitable connectors for terrestrial, cable, and satellite TV installations where the delivery of very high-frequency signals is required. The design allows for cheap construction, where cables are usually terminated exclusively with male connectors. The center conductor of the coaxial cable forms the inner conductor of the plug. The male connector thus consists only of a housing which is generally crimped on or screwed over the cable shield and a nut. Push-on versions that do not require screw-on but tools, are also available.

F-connectors female connectors are typically used as couplings and as sockets in appliances. They can e.g. be found on the back of set top boxes, DAB radios, and other equipment that requires high-frequency signals.

The F-plug is not weatherproof. Neither the threads nor the joint are waterproof. There are improved versions of F-male connectors with an O-ring (approx. 7 mm) inside the flange nut. This seals between the gasket surfaces on both connectors, providing some protection for the center conductor. When used outdoors, we recommend the use of Self-amalgamating tape.


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