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UV Light - sterilization and disinfection with ultraviolet light

UV Light is used for many things, but UV light is not just UV light. UV light is divided into 3 types, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV light is not visible to the human eye as UV light is emitted at a wavelength just below visible light. Part of the UV spectrum is visible to birds, insects and fish.

UV light covers the spectrum from 100 nm to nm and is thus divided into UVA: 380 nm - 320 nm, UVB: 320 nm - 280 nm and UVC: 280 nm - 100 nm.

UVA is used, among other things, for checking banknotes and in insect traps. UVB and UVC destroy most organic molecules and are therefore used for sterilization/disinfection in the food industry and in hospitals. UV-C in particular has a strong bactericidal effect. UV-C radiation destroys the DNA in viruses and bacteria and prevents the cells from reproducing. Therefore, no propagation can take place. A prerequisite is that the UV-C radiation hits the microorganisms. UV irradiation is therefore used both as a solo solution but also as a supplement to other cleaning/disinfection, depending on the subject and area.

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